I don’t know much about cars, but I DO appreciate smooth and effective results!  We took our SUV in last Monday to AC Parts USA and were told to leave it there and he would look at it first thing the next morning. By lunch time on Tuesday I received a phone call with the diagnosis *and* by the END of the work day it was DONE!
We haven’t had air conditioning in my husbands car in for TWO Florida summers! Words cannot express my happiness at the FAST turnaround at AC Parts USA! I really was worried it would end up costing $800+ but it was only $250 to replace the Discharge Hose and labor. 
The A.C. works GREAT now! It’s like drinking an icy cold Coca-Cola Slushy! Simply divine! The folks at AC Parts USA know what they’re doing and I highly recommend them! My father has been using AC Parts USA for YEARS and highly respects them.
Thanks again!!!!
Jo El S.
Steve checked out my new car for free before I bought it.  His assessment was honest and right on point.  Very straight forward and down to earth!
Davis George M.
Steve Beard is an honest and awesome business owner. He took the time to explain what was wrong with the AC in my Galant. I left it for repair and he called me 5 hours later saying it was ready. Hows that for prompt service ! You wont be without AC long if you call Mr Beard.
Yvette L.
Steve wants to make sure that you understand 100% that troubleshooting air conditioning problems is not proof positive the first time. Even after hooking up a computer and showing me the read out he explained that once he corrected that fault there still may be problems. He also let me make the decisions on whether or not change a known good part under the dash because he was pulling the dash out anyway, or risk pulling the dash apart again at 4 hours each time. Steve explained that a/c troubleshooting at a dealership they use parts out of cars in the lot to troubleshoot, remember that when you buy a new car. He doesn’t have that luxury so it may take him longer to get to the root of your problem but it does not cost any where near what it would at a dealership to get your car repaired. I have a cherry corvette and he kept in indoors under lock and key over night. He kept at it until fixed to perfection. No charge after the initial big try to get it fix, even though I was prepared to pay him something for once again pulling the dash. My only complaint – the car had oil dripped on it.
T. Pudoff
Steve and his crew were great! He thoroughly examined my vehicle and gave me a reasonable quote for repair. The next day I was done and on my way. Trust is important with expensive investments such as cars and AC Parts USA provides that trust with great service.
J. Kriz
Steve is the MAN! If you need your AC repaired, GO HERE! He is HONEST! TRUTHFUL! and LOYAL to his customers! The turn around is fast and he his by far the fairest deal in town! You and your AC are in good hands with Steve and his Son!
My call was answered. I visited the shop only to be ignored by the owner after he said on the phone that he could diagnose the problem and I would be happy. Although he was rude on the phone I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t acknowledged for over 10 minutes. Then I stood there for another 20 minutes after he knew I was there and we spoke on the phone. He even stopped to accept a part delivery looked over at me standing by my vehicle and nothing, just went back to working on the car he was working on. I decided to just drive away. I went to aamco up the road and Lee was amazing. Told me there would be a wait. But promptly took care of me making me feel like a valuable customer. And didn’t treat me like a stupid woman. Unlike the owner of this establishment. I choose not to mention his name because he doesn’t deserve it. Exactly how he made me feel. I hope no one reading this chooses to use this company. Especially any woman. Go to aamco up the road ask for Lee.
C. Spry
Response from the owner: This is a total inaccuracy. Many things left unsaid. First. I received a phone call from her earlier with her asking me to provide a service after she was going to work on her car herself. I told her that I provide professional diagnostics and quotes with no charge. She was still adamant that she trusted no one’s diagnosis because she’s already been through it. My response to her was ” Why don’t you let me tell you what is wrong with your car instead of you telling me and that would be done for free?” She mumbled something and hung up. An hour or so later she pulled up to my shop as I was working on another customer’s car at the time and I acknowledged her and asked if she was the one I had spoken to on the phone, she replies “Yes” and then I told her that I would get to her as soon as I was finished with what I was doing before she had gotten there. I was working as fast I could to finish and then give her 100% of my time. Obviously this woman expected me to drop what I was doing, ignore my prior commitments and address her concerns right then and there and without an appointment. I am very sorry but that will not happen and having to wait 30 minutes while one can plainly see that I was involved in another vehicle and being told that I would be right there when I finished is not something that I will consider unreasonable, or uncaring. AAMCO can have this type of customer. My name is Steve Beard and my shop is AC Parts USA. I have been in this location for 7+ years and currently have a customer base of over 1,500 people. I have an A+ rating on Angie’s List and no complaints with the BBB. I have 46+ years, hands on, under the hood experience, with the last 13 years being primarily in Automotive A/C. My shop comprises of just my son and myself, in which I do all of the diagnosing, customer contact, billing, quoting, parts ordering etc., while my son does most of the work. I give a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all repairs and I stay very busy, because I deliver results at a fair price and do what I say I can do each and every time.. To see more – www.orangeparkautoair.com
Thank You, Steve Beard
Steve provides honest and professional service like neighborhood mechanics back in the day used to. He actually looks at your vehicle to diagnose the problem before he gives you an estimate for repair. That way you don’t have surprises when you go to pick up your vehicle. If he finds something that he didn’t originally see when he gave you the estimate he will call you and let you know what he found. I have recommended Steve to others and I will continue to do so without hesitation.
N. V. Almen
I bring my SUV to the shop because air condition not cooling good and it was because has leak. The amount I paid for fixing was less than a dealer charged you for only the diagnostic. I highly recommended. JR, Orange Park, FL
J. Ruiz
If I could rate 0 stars I would. I took my work truck over there to have the a/c fixed in the hottest part of summer, and was pretty much told to come get it because “he didn’t even want to work on it” not to mention the belittling attitude he had when speaking to him. Would not recommend this place to anybody.
J. Benner
Response from the owner: As always, there’s usually more to the story. I have no record, or recollection of Mr. Brenner. More than likely Mr. Benner had one of several issues. 1 – Knew more than I do about A/C and refuted my diagnosis, or process. 2 – Stopped in unannounced had no patience and wanted me to drop what I was doing on the spot. 3 – Was upset because my magic wand wasn’t working on that day. In this shop there is only my son and myself and I have a customer base of over 1,600 people and growing. When the sun is shining and the temperature is up over 80 degrees, I am incredibly busy. At any given time I will have 10 + vehicles here for diagnosis and repair (13 at this writing). There is no time that I am standing around with nothing to do. I also have commitments from prior diagnosis’s that do become a priority. I also have an A+ rating on Angie’s list with the Super Service award 2 years in a row. I am quite sure that I did not break Mr. Benner’s A/C, but I suppose it’s my responsibility in his mind to make it my problem. Steve www.orangeparkautoair.com
Steve’s shop was my second stop after I was told by a local foreign car shop, my 2010 VW Jetta TDI with 75,000 miles on it needed a new air-conditioning compressor a $1200 job. Steve took the time to hook his test equipment up to the compressor and go over every detail of the system with me, he even suggested VW may know they have an issue and “might help you out”. Steve gave me at least a 1/2 hour of his time at no charge and actually encouraged me to see if VW would do the repair under warranty despite the mileage. You don’t find that level of honesty every day! VW did cover 2/3 of the cost. I would not hesitate to recommend AC Parts USA. Thank-you Steve!
J. P. Roche
I brought Steve my 2011 Lincoln Navigator to track down why my front shocks go up when I move the SUV a few feet frontward or backwards but then they lose compression. He was friendly and easy to approach and made you feel comfortable. He said, until we talk money, there is no money. Talking about his free estimates. So far we have had a good experience. I’ll do another review when the estimate and or repair are completed. So far, so good.
C and R Bigley
The work was completed well ahead of schedule based on my feedback about needing my truck on the weekend. I plan to bring another vehicle here for work very soon!
D. Harris
AC Parts USA was very professional and fixed my car fast. Steve provided a free estimate (whereas the dealership wanted $100 just to look at it) and he told me how long it would take to fix my a/c and what the cost would be. I had my car back in one day. As a woman, I never felt like he talked down to me. He thoroughly explained everything and didn’t sugarcoat it. I would definitely recommend them again.
J. Soucek
I was so impressed with how this company handled our problem.  They exceeded our expectations.  The car was fixed on time and the air conditioner works great.  It is so nice to find someone that knows what they are doing and take the time to explain everything before the service is completed.  I would definitely recommend this company.
L. Musser
These people know their stuff. The work got done as told and left impressed with their straight forward business approach. It is no fancy place but I’m glad I decided to let them fix my a/c.
L. Acevedo
This provider does an excellent job. He was able to fix the air conditioner by the next day and he did a great job. The price is reasonable. I would highly recommend this provider.
C. Kirkpatrick
Replaced pulley and belt and diagnosed the problem with my cars A/C Unit. Very honest and professional, could have taken advantage but didn’t. I would recommend him to anyone.
J. Delk
I took my Jeep Wrangler to Steve after trying to find a freon leak with no success. He found a large leak in the evaporator core and after calling me, it was replaced. I picked it up and after two weeks I could tell it was still leaking Freon so I contacted Steve and he said to bring it back in at my convenience. He went through the entire a/c system and found the last leak at no extra charge to me. Steve was very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend taking your vehicle to him if you want an honest answer regarding problems with your vehicle.
Honest mechanic’s are VERY hard to find and I will be using Steve for any future problems I have and will recommend him to all of my family and friends.
T. Milton
Excellent service. Steve (owner/manager) let me know what was necessary and what was not, and did what he said he was going to do within the time he said he was going to do it. Very knowledgeable and very communicable, willing to share his wisdom.
D. Thompson
I’ve used him for four different cars in my family. They replaced the air conditioning completely and it was less than $1,000. I’ve never had to take them back to them. The one he put in five years ago is still working strong. He does wonderful work. He tells you beforehand what it’s going to cost, and when he finishes, that’s what it costs. It’s one gentleman and his son. They also do other mechanical work besides air conditioning, depending on how slow they are. They do air conditioning first, but if you need brakes or something, they’ll put those on. They’re all around great. They’re really great guys.
R. Nathan
A little hard to find his shop. Checked the vehicle and provided a free estimate. Repaired A/C promptly, works great.
J. Orr
My son was told by someone that his A/C clutch was going bad and needed replaced.  I found AC Parts USA on Angie’s List and contacted Steve via e-mail.  He wrote back immediately and stated he wouldn’t be open until Monday and to contact him then.  My son called and he said he would be working late and to drop by and he would take a look at it.  He said he could find no issues with the condenser and believed that the Serpentine belt that was replaced a few months ago by another company was bad and that he should return there to have them replace it.   My son was very impressed with Steve and said he really took his time with him and explained everything in detail.  Steve could have easily taken him for an expensive ride, but thankfully he is an honest man who does what is right.  He has definitely earned our business in the future.  I would STRONGLY recommend  him to anyone in need of his services.  It is nice to know there are still good honest people in this world!!!
D. Coulter
Steve analyzed my problem and gave me instructions about the repair job if I should ever need them. He did not charge me anything. The first garage I went to on Blanding Blvd. quoted a price close to $1,000 for something I did not need. I have found an honest man in Steve, and I will certainly go back to him for any future repairs that my car needs. It is rare that one finds such an honest person as Steve. I recommend him highly!!!
V. B. Cohen 
I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Limited. It is a 4×4 with a 4.7L v8 engine. I purchased the car used in 2010 and have enjoyed driving it because of all the options that it has and of course I think it is a very nice looking car. My research was not extensive before the purchase, but since acquiring the Jeep, I have found out about some of the common problem associated with this particular vehicle; air conditioning being one of these problems.
My Jeep was making a noise unrecognizable to me, so I took it into another shop, which will remain nameless for a diagnosis. What I thought was a serpentine belt going bad, was actually the compressor going bad. The AC continued to work during this time, but I could not get past the noise that the compressor was making. The nameless company that made the diagnosis gave me a price so high that I could not consider putting that much money into a 2001, 13 year old car. 
I decided to get another estimate and chose AC Parts USA because of their very informative website. I called before taking my car to OPAA and spoke with Steve. He was patient in listening to my experience at the other auto shop, but stated that I really needed to bring the Jeep in for a definitive diagnosis. I did and he confirmed their diagnosis and gave me an estimate that was almost less than half of what the other company had quoted me, so I chose OPAA to perform the job of replacing my dying AC compressor. 
The other company told me that it would take all day to replace the parts that I needed. They were adamant that it would take no less than 8 hours. OPAA completed the job in less than 4 hours. I was thrilled that I would not be without my car for the entire day.
I got the car back and everything was fine; for the first few days. I was driving a few days after the service and the AC was not cooling. I called Steve and told me to bring the car back in as soon as I was able. When I got to the shop, he took me in right away and after his inspection, it was determined that I had absolutely no freon in the system. 
He looked for a leak, but could not detect it, so he recharged the system and put in a dye to aid him in the detection of the source.  It took a couple of tries before he located the source, but in the interim he let me know that he would not give up. He was very accommodating whenever I called or dropped by. There was never a time, though he was always very busy, that he made me feel like I was bothering him. I felt like he was on my side and that this issue would be resolved. It has been resolved.
There was a slogan of a car dealership that stressed service after the sale. This was not a sale, but the slogan at AC Parts USA should definitely be service after the service. I do not believe that OPAA caused the leak, it is just one of those things that can happen when you are dealing with mechanics/machinery and a large job such as replacing a compressor. 
Would I go there again? Most definitely. Would I recommend this shop to family and friends? Without hesitation. 
Thank you Steve and AC Parts USA
L. Fletcher
I have an 03 Subaru Forrester.  AC stopped working and I took it in. They fixed it and I had the car back in 2 days.  Excellent, honest – will not hesitate to use them again.
D. Daniel-Lorente
He is excellent. We were having problems with the air conditioning in the car so we called him and explained the problem and he said i think I know what it is and he said it will take him about 20 minutes to fix, he was so busy but he said he would just come and fix it and he said you owe me nothing just give me a good review on Angie’s list. He is totally honest, he knows his stuff.
J. Deacon
Left my Ram 3500 diesel truck with Steve on Thursday to check the A/C system which was barely providing any cool air even after driving several miles. He promised to call and let me know what needed to be done as well as the estimated cost as soon as he could take a look at it. In just a few hours he called and described in detail what he did in troubleshooting and what he found as well as estimated cost of repair. He said he could have it done the next evening by 5PM. He called early afternoon, well before 5PM to tell me the A/C was repaired and truck was ready. Needless to say, II was very pleased to have the truck back so soon. He said he was able to start the repair the afternoon after II dropped it off as he had run into a parts problem on the vehicle before mine so he was able to start sooner than planned.
My daughter had used Steve’s business and highly recommended him so when I was researching on Angie’s List and saw his record, I decided he would get my business. Steve strikes you as the kind of honest and reliable person you wished every business could have. Thank you Steve, job well done!!!
G. Goddard
I made an initial appt. with Mr. Beard approx. 10 months ago at which time he replaced a non-functioning ac system in my truck. Ten months later the compressor froze up, I returned to OP auto air and to my surprise Mr. Beard replaced the entire system at no charge. He did not pro-rate the parts or labor.
Ten days after the second install the newer compressor froze up and once again Mr. Beard replaced the entire system with a different make of compressor, condensor, dryer and pitot. all at no charge.
This is one of very few who stands behind his work and always puts the customer first. He is patient and explains everything before starting work. I highly recommend Mr. Beard for all your auto AC needs. He does excellent work.
D. Huffman
I had purchased a compressor for my trucks ac, the warranty period was for one year; without fail the compressor locked up. I called Mr. Brand with air auto and he told me to bring my truck in now, it was 3:30. within 5 minutes he had solved the problem and told me he would need the truck for a full day to replace and clean the ac at no charge. This merchant stands behind his promises, he does good work, unfortunately he has no control over quality as his supplier is not related to his business. The point I am trying to make is he provides old fashioned service where he is not trying to take advantage of consumers. Highly recommend his business.
D. Huffman
It went fine. They showed me the old one which had sprung a leak and when putting in the new one they even installed some brake pads I was going to do myself but didn’t have time to do. The only bad thing is that my air isn’t blowing out of one of the vents, and some of the dash lights stopped working after they worked on it. I should have brought it back to them, and I’m sure they would have fixed it though. It’s my own fault for not. They are nice, honest and the price was acceptable. 
J. Hunt
Excellent and prompt service at a fair price. What more could you want? Would definitely return to Steve for any auto a/c work.
J. Stancil
Steve is the best ac man in town but he also does other auto work so give him a chance.  Honest and he will save you money if allowed the time to diagnosis the problem.  If you’re not in a hurry he will find the REAL cause of your problem, fix it, and save you the trouble of having the same or bigger problem “down the road”.  I have recommended him to several people, including my son who raves about how much he saved him, less than half what he had been told by others.  Great service!
J. Banks