Complete auto air conditioning diagnosis and repairs:
This includes, but is not limited to, blowers, cooling fans, compressors, compressor clutches, system pressure issues, condensers, proper residual water drain issues, vent operation and temperature control.
Evacuation and Recharging:
Sometimes the leak is so minimal that it cannot be found immediately and the system will hold the refrigerant for several months. I specialize in Evacuation and Recharging: this means that I can detect a leak that is so minimal that most others would not notice a slow leak of refrigerant over the course of a few months. 
Electrical and Electronic diagnosis and repair:
Often the problem is not mechanical. Let me take a look to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s problem.
Evaporator Replacement:
A majority of vehicles require the removal of the instrument panel (dashboard) to gain access to the evaporator and/or heater core. One of the important issues for replacement is that leak is directly in the cabin air flow stream and enters the passenger cabin and is subsequently breathed. This is not good at all; we breathe a mixture of approximately of 20% Oxygen, 60% Nitrogen, but no Freon.
Leak Detection:
I utilize the latest in Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detection as well as a Fluorescent Dye that is only visible under an ultraviolet light. I can find the smallest leaks that put your system in jeopardy of losing valuable refrigerant.
Air Conditioning Hoses:
I replace, repair and manufacture hoses and pipes. I also manufacture custom A/C Hoses and Lines for Hot Rods and Specialty Builds. Just know that I repair original equipment hoses for everyday, hard to find, obsolete and just too expensive to buy A/C Hoses and Lines from the dealer.